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Golden Ad Agency Myth #1:
Agencies perform wonderfully well for clients and should be proud of their record.
FACT: They earn money for themselves. In fact, they rate agencies based on billings, not results. The more money of yours they spend, the bigger account you are, and the larger they become. There is no incentive for an ad agency to perform at all. If agencies were rated on results alone, most would immediately shut down. Most advertising today has little noticeable effect on sales!
During the 2000 Super Bowl, a flurry of companies advertised spending upwards of $2 million per commercial spot, some with multiple spots. Nearly half of the 36 advertisers were startup internet companies promoting products like online stationery, job searching, and personal web pages. Many of the items we actually get for free now as part of other sites were expected to return enormous dollars on these ridiculous investments. Almost all are out of business. Gone. The advertising agencies that talked these companies into this placement made huge commissions. Millions of dollars were made, but not by any of the clients.
An integrated marketing approach would have clearly eliminated the obvious misuse of funds on such a grand scale, but do you realize that most companies repeat this same mistake on a smaller scale every day? The average company misspends 50% or more of its annual budget for marketing and many just waste all of it. And the results are just as negligible. Is your budget completely wasted? Has your agency or internal marketing exceeded your expectations?
STOP advertising and start strategic marketing. MPG makes NO commissions, so we have no vested interest in whatever form your marketing takes. Between RMG and any agency, who do you think you could trust to spend your dollars in your best interest? For its greatest impact?
It is not our money. It is yours. And your company's survival depends on spending it more wisely.
For Increased Sales, Most Companies Need Integrated Marketing
The reason most firms don't see fantastic jumps in profitability from their current marketing efforts is because they are disjoint and rely on a one-shot approaches. Worse, many have no connect between sales and marketing at all. They don't understand the integral role good marketing can play in supporting the personal relationships a salesperson generates. An integrated marketing plan with proper execution from MPG can propel your company's sales forward. Read on to envision what you could accomplish, usually at lower cost, with an integrated, results-oriented, MPG marketing plan.
MPG's Marketing Support Services Paradigm For Increasing Sales
Many businesses cannot diagnose their marketing problems. They often attempt the "quick fix"- create ads, spend a lot of money on broadcast costs and hope for the best. They think increased advertising raises awareness. That is rarely true. Public awareness does not create sales. And most advertising is so bad it hardly merits attention. Flip the dial or look in the paper and you will agree. So how can you get off the never ending carousel of disastrous advertising expenses?
RMG analyzes your unique situation and evaluates your resources. Regardless of what you've heard, no "proven form of advertising" exists for any business. If your current marketing does not deliver excellent results, then you should consider changing direction.